Dr Neville Barber (Principal) & Team

Supported by a strong and capable team, Neville Barber is an experienced advocate and Perth Criminal lawyer. Neville was admitted in 1984 and has practised in a variety of legal areas since then.

Neville has two law degrees, an MBA, and a Ph D in mental health law. For seven years, he was President of the Mental Health Review Board of Western Australia. More recently, Neville has worked as a State Prosecutor, where he conducted a significant number of jury trials. Neville has had his own legal practice now for a number of years.

Neville accepts work in criminal law, and criminal injuries compensation matters, bail applications, traffic offences, Council law and Council legal matters, restraining orders, taking matters to trial, guardianship & administration as well as appeals.

Neville is a family-oriented man with a strong interest in social justice. He provides empathetic legal representation with a view to assisting clients progress through the legal system in an efficient, reasonable way.

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Our Legal Philosophy

From a philosophical perspective, if two parties are at legal war, in an ideal world, the lawyers of those two parties should do what they can to defuse that war, rather than inflame it yet further. Otherwise, the two parties simply remain at war, with (arguably) bigger guns trained on each other, with likely greater devastation on each side as a consequence (win or lose).

It is for this reason that I advocate the approach I do, knowing that there is always the ‘nuclear option’ of full war, yet knowing through life experience that the nuclear option has drastic consequences.  This also assists in keeping costs to a minimum.

Our focus is on wise, efficient counsel to get people through a difficult process that is respectful, understanding and cost effective. We get to know our clients and work hard with them to get their desired outcome.

We also work hard to understand and overcome any language or cultural difficulties and have assisted clients from countries including Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, China, England, Estonia, Ethiopia, France, India, Iraq, Iran, Ireland, Laos, Malawi, Malaysia, Pakistan, Russia, Somalia and Sudan.

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