NR Barber Legal Fees

NR Barber Legal Perth Criminal Defence Lawyers and Solicitors offer an initial free phone discussion to potential new clients or a more comprehensive no obligation case review at our offices for $160 during normal business hours and $200 after hours and on weekends.

An initial consultation is paid at the time of the appointment. It is normally approximately 45 mins and is an opportunity for us to review your case during a one on one appointment. We will assess your goals and options and provide preliminary advice. If you wish to proceed with engaging our legal services it can be discussed at the time.

All further fees will be reduced to writing for your peace of mind.

We strongly believe in making our legal fees fair, transparent and reasonable. Every effort will be made to keep your costs to minimum with no excess or frivolous expenses.

We will represent qualifying clients on a grant of Legal Aid.

We are available at short notice 24/7 including weekends

(08) 9322 3122 | A/H: 0407 617 770 or via EMAIL

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